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New MindGames.GG Beta launched!

Thanks to all the support and kind words over the last two years, I’ve been able to keep up with MindGames.GG and our mission to bring Sport Psychology to masses. Now I am announcing the new design of our MindGames.GG website, launching as a beta. Check it out at

Some of the awesome new features include:

  • Complete redesign of the layout
  • New qualified authors to bring you fantastic new writing
  • Monthly seminars: Archived for your future use
  • Q & A for direct access to a sport psych trainer
  • VIP discussion group for personalized feedback
  • 1-on-1 tailored training for elite members

Please send any feedback or questions to me here or using the contact information on the new website.


Mind Games is online eSport psychology magazine exploring the mental edge in eSport. For tips on coaching, training or competing, check out our amazing articles. We are committed to bringing you quality information about sport psychology so that all eSport coaches and athletes would have the resources necessary to develop their mental toughness, regardless of their competitive level.

Mind Games Consulting is a consulting company enhancing the mental edge in eSport. Train the mental, social, and emotional skills you need to win using tried and tested sport psychological skills training from traditional sport. For more information contact Mind Games Consulting today.


Mind Games started in 2012 as a personal blog for a sport psychological skills trainer. Today it has morphed into an online magazine bringing you qualified information on sport psychology from various authors.


The mental game

I recently read this great write-up on the rise of esport psychology in League of Legends. The Mental Game: Sports Psychology in the LCS I recommend you go read that article instead of this post!

Since you are here though I’ll finish up quickly. I think that Alex is right on the money with a lot of the stuff he talks about in his article. However there’s also some common sport psychology myths mixed in with the facts, such as towards the end when he says a coach might not be able to handle inter-personal conflicts. In actuality a sport psychologist is not in a much better situation than the coach. Sport psychology is almost completely about personal skill development and mental skills training and does not have much research in the area of conflict management or communication. For those situations a coach or managers is probably recommended to turn to the business sector where there are lots of different types of training workshops set up for dealing with conflict on teams while still yielding results. There are of course sports psychological trainers who have experience handling such situations, but the actual practices are most often from places like the Thomas Gordon school.

Other than that I think that every situation in Alex’s article could have been helped by having a sport psychologist on staff, and the list from the American Psychology Association website is spot on.

  1. Improve game performance
  2. Handle high pressure situations
  3. Recover from an injury or personal hiatus
  4. Keep up with practice and training
  5. Enjoy the game

eSport sportsmanship on the blogs

This week to complement my sportsmanship article there was some wonderful discussion all around the web about the competitive fighting game scene and the recent drama there concerning Capcom’s reality TV show. Today Penny Arcade posted an article offering some pushback to Ben Kuchera’s article highlighting the sexual harassment culture purportedly associated with the genre. They are both fantastic reads if you have the time.

Grand Opening!

Hey everybody, welcome to Mind Games! I’ve been experimenting with content and posting for almost a month and now I am going to announce the site publicly just in time for  IEM Kiev.  Hope you visit and comment on the articles or videos that you enjoy.  Your feedback will help me a lot deciding what to keep producing.  This blog focuses on mental skills training in eSports as well as current research in the field of eSport or sport psychology.  You can check follow me on twitter for updates when I post new articles and video-blogs.  Thanks for stopping by!


Thanks for visiting my new website, Mindgames Consulting.  This site is dedicated to the discussion of sport psychology among my two favorite eSports, League of Legends and Starcraft 2.  I am still updating content and getting the site underway.  There will be a grand opening after all the content is updated, so please stop back for more updates.  Thanks!

Timeline: Website opening December 18th 2011.  Grand opening January 18th 2012.


Update 12/16: LoL page added

Update 12/17: SC2 page added

Update 12/18: First article added, linked to twitter and Facebook.  More content on the way!

Update 12/20: Self-talk introduction and part 1 added.  More content on the way! Please comment with your suggestions or requests.  Further updates will be on!/MindGamesWeldon