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RotterdaM and Team Dignitas on success in eSports

This past weekend was the IEM 2012 world championships in Hannover, Germany [SPOILER ALERT!]. It was an all around success for both the championship teams and esports in general. As a Starcraft 2 fan I got to see some of my favorite match ups. We had a redux of MMA vs Feast. And as an ex-resident of Chile I cheered heavily for KiLLeR and was happy to see him supported and competing on the international stage.

Aside from the matches there were many interesting interviews and even some special content produced by ESL, Intel, and Razer. Today I want to talk about two of my favorite moments. The first was RotterdaM’s explanation of what makes eSports dynamic, and the second is Razer’s “The story so far” video featuring Team Dignitas, where the manager Odee defines success for his team as consistent performance. Continue reading RotterdaM and Team Dignitas on success in eSports


Improving Consistency, Pre-Performance Routines

The Frozen Sea

Recently I found myself in Vaasa, Finland, and for the first time in my life I have encountered the frozen sea. Of course, I know that the sea does freeze, but somehow I always imagined it as the far North, where the seals and an occasional polar bear milled about. Here is a bustling city filled with humans, some of whom walk out on the frozen sea and fish off the edge. Being from Minnesota I’m familiar with ice fishing the lakes through holes. Why drill a hole when there is a large expanse available? Still I feel as though it should be classified as risky behavior.

Cold Competition

All of the cold has had me reflecting on some recent memories. The first came from when I was listening to interviews players gave after IEM Guangzhou, and the overriding theme was about the cold and generally inhospitable climate in the convention center. More recently at IEM Kiev, Riot Gaming’s Phreak commented that most successful ladder players do not do well at their first LAN event simply because they aren’t accustomed to the environmental side affects, such as cold hands, bright lights, and loud sounds.

Continue reading Improving Consistency, Pre-Performance Routines