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D4rker discuss how to train – IEM Kiev

Thursday at IEM Kiev the League of Legends caster Phreak interviewed D4rker from team White Lotus after their loss versus Curse Gaming. During the interview D4rker gave some fantastic advice about training a pro gaming team. My favorite part of the interview was when he talked about keeping motivated and focusing on learning through your mistakes:

You just need to be patient, you need to motivate yourself more and more, even if you lose a lot of games.  If you lose ten games, a hundred games, a million games you need to keep in mind that you can only progress from loses; you can only learn your mistakes from lose to better enemy than you.  There is no lesson in victory, there’s just weak opponent.  It’s not practice if you are playing against 100 elo; it’s not real training.  But if you are playing against good teams, one week you will suck a lot, second week, third week, but after one month of training you will be strong enough and you can fight them.

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A class of athletes lacking goals?

Today I was teaching a class of high school student athletes. They go to a top sports high-school and typically have four or more hours of practice a day. It’s quite a nice gig actually. After the first period, which is usually morning training, there is a breakfast served. It’s a delicious and healthy, whole grain oatmeal with salad, bread, cheese, tea, milk and juice. They have a normal school day after that, but then have training or practice again after school for a couple of hours or more. It seems pretty gender equal and there are a huge variety of sports. Everything from motocross to ballroom dancing. Anyway, back to the original topic.

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