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eSport sportsmanship on the blogs

This week to complement my sportsmanship article there was some wonderful discussion all around the web about the competitive fighting game scene and the recent drama there concerning Capcom’s reality TV show. Today Penny Arcade posted an article offering some pushback to Ben Kuchera’s article highlighting the sexual harassment culture purportedly associated with the genre. They are both fantastic reads if you have the time.


Sportsmanship in eSports

This week I wanted to talk about a topic that is close to my heart, sportsmanship in eSports. Everybody is familiar with EG Idra, the famous Starcraft 2 zerg player who pays respect to opponents who beat him, but sometimes not those that he feels he lost too. Recently in League of Legends there was controversy during a Moscow 5 (M5) versus MonoeSports (MM) match when an M5 member snapped at an opponent in game chat. These events always give rise to various discussions about sportsmanlike conduct, and aside from throwing out my opinion on the subject I also want to point out some surprising connections that character development has to performance!

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