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Team atmosphere – Competition versus Mastery

Team unity - When player's don't click
Team motivation - Competition versus Mastery
Team leadership - Communication and relationships (forthcoming)
Team infrastructure - Support for athlete development (forthcoming)

I see a lot of misconceptions about talent in eSport. Recently coaches and analysts have been trading athletes away who have reached their “talent cap.” You talk about how older athletes lose out in skill matches to younger ones. During the League of Legends offseason prior to the 2015 season, many managers are nervously assessing promising, raw players and trying to determine what characteristics to look for when signing a new athlete to their roster. Continue reading Team atmosphere – Competition versus Mastery


The Power of Purpose

Surpassing our Limits

What is purpose? That implacable determination to keep moving forward. The view that an obstacle does not stop us in our tracks, but provides us an opportunity to surpass our limits. Peoples’ purpose comes from many sources. Our children, our dreams, selfish and altruistic desires, passionate mentors, the list goes on and on. Today I want to talk about a source of motivation and purpose that is common in sports, the power of the team. More specifically, why do some League of Legend teams seem to perform greater than the sum of their players’ talent, and why do Starcraft 2 players, who ultimately perform individually, chose to practice on and represent a team?

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