Weldon Green

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I am an American teacher and professional coach in Jyväskylä, Finland. I obtained my master’s of sport sciences degree in sport and exercise psychology and currently I am an English language teacher and researcher at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. With experience teaching abroad in Chile and Japan, coaching athletics in the US and Finland, I am passionate about enhancing athletic performance and also development of youth through sports. As an avid fan of professional eSports I write Mind Games as an online magazine about the intersection of performance mental-skills and competitive gaming. You can hire me as a sport psychological skills trainer through Mind Games Consulting.

Coaching experience

I have worked professionally as a swim coach and instructor since 2009, first in Boston and currently in Jyväskylä. I also work independently on a volunteer basis as a personal trainer and physical activity counselor. As much as possible I try to encourage the development of mental strength and a mindset of self-motivation.

Gaming experience

Command & Conquer: Red Alert
Starcraft: Brood War
Counter-strike: Source
Diablo 2
Warcraft 3
DOTA Allstars
World of Warcraft
Starcraft 2 (US Auorora)
Spiral Knights
League of Legends (EU-NE Auorora)
Diablo 3


In the eSports field I am developing a study on the multi-action plan’s use with active, professional eSport players. If you are a current eSport professional and have an interest in participating studies, please contact me using the information above or via the inquiry form here.

Work experience

In Finland I am a full time teacher of academic English at the University of Jyvaskyla. In my free time I do sport psychology research, and I coach swimming and soccer at various levels.

Prior to moving to Finland I worked as an English language instructor for EC Boston.  While living in Massachusetts I also volunteered as a soccer referee for the America Scores Boston program, and worked as a master’s swim coach and instructor.  From 2007 to 2009 I worked as an assistant language teacher on the JET Programme in Aomori, Japan and for a year before that as an English professor at the University of Atacama in Chile.

Before beginning my teaching career in 2006 I was in the business sector.

Fun reasons you should hire me

  1. I have hiked the Inca Trail
  2. I have lived in the driest desert on Earth
  3. I rode the trans-siberian railroad end to end
  4. I delivered our second child myself after a hospital mixup
  5. I was a competitive swimmer for 19 years. Once I dove in and my suit came off. I won the race, then went back and got my suit.
  6. Despite being American, I’ve lived in more Axis countries than Allied countries in my life. Also I have a Japanese yukata and a German lederhosen.
  7. I can kill a dear with a bow and arrow (you’ll want me around when the zombies take over)



7 thoughts on “Weldon”

  1. Do you speak spanish? I always read your blog, you make some interesting points and i think mental attitude its very important in every aspect of our lives, even when playing online games.

    Keep up the good work and greetings from Chile!

    1. Hola Nathan! Yo viví en Chile en Copiapó durante diez meses en 2007, pero no estudio mucho español entonces no puedo hablar bien (escuchar y leer son mejores >.<). Me gusto Chile mucho, y quiero volver in el futuro. De cuál ciudad esta?

      Me alegro que les guste mi blog, espero que pueda visitando y leer. Yo estaba animando a KiLLer en Sao Paulo, espero que él jugando fuerte todo el año.

  2. I couldnt reply your post so im going to answer here, and also in spanish because i can see you can understand most of it.

    Soy de santiago, la capital. Me gusta mucho el enfoque que le estas dando al blog y me ha servido bastante para el Solo Q de LoL. He subido mi rating despues de volver a ser unranked, y ahora me encuentro en 1350 elo gracias a lo que he leído aquí en parte. (GRACIAS!)

    La escena competitiva de los esports no es muy masiva, pero espero que en el futuro se pueda mejorar este aspecto y creo que nos dirigimos hacia allá como país. Estuve observando a KiLLer en la WCG 2011 y jugó bastante bien aunque no logro el primer lugar.

    Saludos y felicitaciones por el blog.

  3. I found your blog while searching for something else. Do keep up your work. Don’t be discouraged by lack of comments during the first year. Get a counter or follow the visitors through Google analytics, Gostats etc. I don’t know if you will be able to track me as I just subscribed to your RSS flow and won’t show up “here” often. This is a note of encouragement as it can suck when ambitious plans crash into not-so-much-feedback from your (initially few) readers.

    Do note that we might have things in common, see for example http://danielpargman.blogspot.com/2012/02/beyond-sports-vs-games-my-take-home.html. You can follow links of interest back to previous blog post.

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement Daniel! It comes at a perfect timing since for the first week I had negative growth in viewers despite what I thought were some of my strongest postings. I find that just creating a schedule and adhereing to it helps me produce content regardless of the stats that may excite or disappoint me. I’m definitely checking out your blog, it looks really interesting! I’ll be sure to post as I read.

  4. Hi Weldon !!! Recently I’ve been thinking about using all my skills in sports, meditation and psychology, food and supplements to achieve high peaks of gaming performance and coach e-teams. I’m glad your blog is the first thing I find :). Good job with your work! Your blog is great!!! it’s cool to see that there’s people doing this for e-sports. In fact it’s amazing how the e-sport scene is right now :D. I would love to hear some advice for some really must read books on sport psychology and some kind of direction in this world. Peace, love and lots of frags ! Thank you and keep up the good work!!!

    1. Hey! Glad you found the blog, although I haven’t been able to write much for the past year since we had our baby. Turns out raising a little boy cuts a lot into the hobby time. Anyway, some good reading for practical sport psychology. One of my favorite books is the “USTA mental skills and drills handbook” There is not a lot of practical reading for sport psychology since most of the material is written by researchers for researchers. Practitioners are left to figure out stuff on their own usually, but this book has lots of simple activities that could be adapted for use on other types of team than tennis. The other important read is “Emotions in Sport” by Yuri (Juri) Hannin. He explains how to start prepping and using your emotions as tools for competition by understanding what your “perfect cocktail” of competitive emotions is. (Turns out everybody’s is slightly different).

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