Performance enhancement for eSport athletes.  Mind Games Consulting brings you the latest in training for improving your success.  Mental focus, emotional control, team building, leadership and communication; all the mental, emotional and social skills necessary for growing your strengths and bringing your A game to every match.  Sustainable high-performance does not happen by mistake.  Mind Games Consulting works with athletes and teams to develop consistent outcomes.

Seminars & Workshops

The Mental Warrior – Mindfulness training

Are you a coach who wants to take their team to the next level? Do your practice sessions sometimes differ from your crucial performances? The Multi-Action Plan is an extensive integrated training intervention focused on creating action focused and emotion focused coping strategies for individuals and teams. Coaches and staff are an essential element of this plan’s roadmap.

Turning around the game – Breaking momentum

As a competitive athlete, you are your biggest critic, especially when losing.  Keeping yourself productive through downswings in performance and, particularly, during upswings in performance is key to epic winning.  Learn to recognize different types of self-talk and how to use it to your advantage.

How to prepare for a match and control your emotions

Ever wonder how the night before can help determine your fate in the tournament the next morning?  Explore all the elements of your own pre-performance routine and create a plan to enhance your success.  Your emotions in a match ride on that preparation, but there are several additional techniques to use on the fly to relax or empower yourself.

Intro to mental toughness

A short, introductory seminar into mental skills training. Athletes complete a performance profile to assess their standing on various mental skills both individually and/or as a group. Includes creation of a personal roadmap for mental skills training.

Inciting the drive to train

Tap into your inner belief that you have what it takes to succeed.  Learn how to map yourself to the top and then break it down into daily steps.  Knowledge of your own potential is the biggest motivator to succeed.

Team atmosphere essentials

Team cohesion is essential for success when roles switch actively during competition.  Give your communication and leadership a boost with team building workshops and strive to achieve, recognize, and utilize flow state, that magical moment when it feels like time has slowed down, reactions speed up, and you cannot possibly lose.

Your Topic Here

Contact Mind Games Consulting with your needs and ideas. We can tailor a workshop that addresses your desires and is measured by the results we bring to your organization.

Individual training

Individual mental skills consulting.  Have a weakness or strength you want to focus on personally or within your team?  Use the contact form below and check out our starter package. We will identify your strengths and weaknesses as a mentally tough athlete; then we will establish and get started on a roadmap to develop the necessary skills while improving on the ones you already rely on.


See pricing tables at the bottom for starting prices. After a discussion on the needs and what the desired outcomes are, a price can be negotiated on the basis of the packages value.

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