Performance Profiling


The Performance Profiling workshop can be held over digital medium such as Skype, or in person. It is tailored for the team or group setting, but can be easily adjusted for a private session. The workshop consists of two 55 minute sessions which can be held the same day or separate days. Additional time can be allotted for individual meetings, questions, or extra seminars.


The aim of this seminar is to develop an awareness of where an individual athlete’s mental strengths and deficiencies lie.  In a group athletes will develop a list of mental skill essential to success in their sport. After rating themselves in a self-assessment they will work in a group to develop a sound roadmap towards future team- and self-development.


  • Introduction to mental skills
  • Self-assessment
  • conceptualization
  • Training roadmap


Individual sessions are at an hourly rate. Group sessions vary depending on location, size, and requests for additional services.

The workshop is possible to do  individually without expert consultation, see here.

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